…a showcase for your favorite enrichment device!

Please provide us with a *photo* of your favorite foraging device, manipulanda, puzzle feeder, etc., along with a brief narrative.

Identify the species that it is intended for, describe how the device is used, and include a short statement on the durability, cost, pros and cons. How much time is invested in preparation, and how does that compare with the time invested by the animals? If you have performed any behavioral evaluations and a cost analysis, include that as well.

Please share ideas that work and even those that didn’t.

Sometimes, even the best ideas don’t work. Use this space to help colleagues learn from your experience. Tell us what you wanted to do and describe the problems you encountered. Maybe you’ll find the elusive necessary “fix” by engaging other enrichment specialists in the redevelopment process.

* Be sure you have permission to use any photographs you include with your narrative. By submitting images, you agree to our posting them on this website.

Please send your ideas to Genevieve Andrews-Kelly at GAKelly1120@gmail.com