All Creatures Big & Small…
Animal Enrichment in a Laboratory Environment

On April 14, 2011, MSMR, Merck & Co., Inc. and Massachusetts General Hospital will be sponsoring their third successful FULL DAY Enrichment Symposium at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA!

TIME: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

ALL CREATURES BIG & small … Animal Enrichment in a Laboratory Environment will present current research and collective wisdom about enrichment in a wide range of species including swine, non-human primates, aquatics, canines, and rodents.

Emily Patterson-Kane, Ph.D
Animal Welfare Scientist
American Veterinary Medical Association
Horizons of Enrichment: the History, Accomplishments and Aspirations of Environmental Enrichment

Christian Lawrence
Aquatic Resources Program Manager
Children’s Hospital Boston
Environmental Enrichment for Laboratory Zebrafish

Jodi Scholz, DVM DACLAM
Assistant Professor (Clinical Veterinarian)
Director of the Environmental Enrichment Program at Yale
Providing Mouse Environmental Enrichment at a Large Academic Institution

Amber Alliger, Ph.D
CUNY Graduate Center
Professor of biopsychology at Hunter and SUNY New Paltz
The Effects of Enrichment on Cognition in Rats Rattus norvegicus

Christina L. Winnicker, DVM, MPH, DACLAM
Director, Enrichment & Behavioral Medicine
Charles River Laboratories
Rabbit Enrichment & Behavioral Management

Gina Savastano, Ph.D
Senior Supervisor Facility Operations
Daniel Beaudreau
Facility Operations Associate
Merck Research Laboratories
Using an Inexpensive Webcam to Validate Dog Enrichment

James L. Weed, Ph.D
Senior Behaviorist, Division of Veterinary Resources
Office of Research Services, Division of Veterinary Resources
National Institutes of Health
SWINE  Behavior Management and Environmental Enrichment

Genevieve Andrews-Kelly
Group Leader, Large Animal Toxicology
Primate Social Housing and PRT in Toxicology Studies

Nirah H Shomer, DVM Ph.D DACLAM
Director, Laboratory Animal Resources
Merck Research Laboratories
Challenges of Enrichment in a Laboratory Setting

Melissa Dragon, B.S., LATg
Training Coordinator at Pfizer, Groton
Enrichment for Mice and Men: Designing a Program that works for All Creatures

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Lynne Walsh
Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, Inc.