Article Content
We accept articles concerned with all aspects of laboratory animal enrichment. Articles must be of interest to the broad community of stakeholders committed to advancing research animal welfare and implementing the 3 Rs. Articles must conform to The Enrichment Record Guidelines.  Please share examples of your own projects—whether successful or not!

Since our focus is laboratory animal environmental enrichment, be sure to include a discussion of how animals are affected.

Each issue will also address some aspect of enriching “life on the job.” We welcome your creativity!

The Enrichment Record will be published the third week of January, April, July and October. The deadline for submitting articles for a specific issue is two months prior to publication.

Publication Month Submission Deadline
January Issue December 15
April Issue March 15
July Issue June 15
October Issue September 15

If your article has appeared in another publication, please obtain permission to reprint, if necessary, before submitting it to The Enrichment Record.  Many companies have strict rules governing the publication of articles by employees and require legal approval. Be aware of your institution’s policies and obtain necessary approvals prior to submission.

Editing Policy
We will acknowledge your submission as soon as we receive it. All articles will be reviewed prior to publication.  We reserve the right to edit all copy. The average review process for unsolicited materials is 30 days. Solicited articles will be reviewed within ten business days of receipt. Our editor will contact you if extensive content revisions are required. You may re-submit your revised article.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any article at any time.

Articles should average 500 words.  Text should be: double spaced; Times New Roman, 12 pt font preferred, left justified, caps and lower case.

We encourage the inclusion of references with supportive data. References cited should be listed together at the end of the text. Given the increasing use of websites, the Editor will assist authors with the acceptable format for citations.

We encourage submission of photos, illustrations and graphics. Authors must secure permission to reproduce images (photos, graphics, charts, tables, etc.) obtained from other sources and provide a credit line. Digital files may be in JPEG, eps or TIFF formats. For best results, resolution should be 300 dpi. Digital photos should be a resolution of 3 megapixels. Please do not submit PowerPoint files or embed images.


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